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A media library management tool is provided to allow for easy structuring and referencing of media assets to augment your content.

All media is delivered through a globally cached CDN.

Uploading media

Media can be uploaded by navigating to the "Media" section from the top navbar.

You will see an empty list with an upload box on a new project.

Click the "Select files..." button to select the files you want to upload.

Once you have selected all the files, click the "Submit" button.

You can track their progress in the top navbar while those files are uploading,

Uploads occur in the background, so you can continue to use the system while they continue to upload. However, you must keep your browser window open or else the upload will fail.


After submitting an upload request, you will be able to select the uploaded media from the content entry screens, but until the file has completed uploading it will not be made available through the CDN or Content Delivery API.

If an upload fails, the media item will appear in italics in the media section and be flagged with the warning "pending upload" in the content entry section.

Organising media into folders

Organising media items into folders can make it easier to manage when dealing with a large number of items.

Click the "New folder" button to create a new folder, then upload items into that folder as above.