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Access control

When creating a project, you are designated as the owner of the project and will always have full control.

You may invite additional users to your project for collaboration.

Inviting a user to a project

From the project landing page, click the Invite user button.

This will generate a token you can pass to the user you are inviting.

Send this token to the user you are.

Accepting a project invitation

To accept an invitation to a project start by logging in or registering a new account.

On your landing page where all your projects are listed there will be an Accept invite button.

A new input box will appear where you can paste the token you received.

After clicking the Submit button you will have access to the project you were invited to.

Restrictions on project invitation tokens

Invitation tokens expire after 24 hours. If they are not accepted within 24 hours a new one will need to be generated.

Invitation tokens can only be used once. You will need to generate an invitation token for each user you wish to add to your project.