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Honegumi was built for developers, by developers (obviously). As such, the system was built with an API-first approach. The website users interact with to enter content is just one interface to the whole system.

There are two primary APIs for working with the system, both are strongly-typed GraphQL endpoints.

  1. The management API
  2. The content delivery API

See the authentication article for details on how to connect to these endpoints.

Both endpoints provide a GraphQL playground for experimentation. The URLs to access these can be found on the project landing page.


This endpoint provides low-level access to the system, allowing for manipulation and creation of data, content, media, etc.

Anything you can do in the website interface you can do using the management API.

This is a read/write interface to a project.

Content delivery

The content delivery API is targetted at content consumption. Articles of content based on models defined within a project are exposed in this API through a strongly-typed GraphQL endpoint that provides a simple interface to authored content.

This is a read-only interface to a project.